Community kindness

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As a small charity, Stepping Stones is very fortunate to receive support throughout the year from a range of sources and funders. All funds that we receive enable us to further our work providing meaningful and life enhancing opportunities and we are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement that our funders provide.

Just before Christmas we received 4 unexpected donations, all of which demonstrate the power of kindness and community that is so important to Stepping Stones.

In early December, the Dulwich Choral Society raised over £1000 at their annual Carol Concert and generously decided to support Stepping Stones. How amazing – thank you!

We were nominated for funding through Barclays company matched giving and received £2000 at the end of the year. The person who nominated us had heard about our work in the local area – and we are so touched by this kind act.

The Parish of St Faiths made an annual donation to Stepping Stones at the end of the year. We are incredibly grateful not only for the generous donation in a year when so many people have faced significant challenges, but also for the ongoing support we are given as we run our music sessions in the Church each week. We are looking forward to delivering our Summer performance in July, our first show since 2019.

And finally, Elijah Watson (9) found £10 on the street just before Christmas. He decided that he wanted to donate the money to charity and very kindly sent the money to Stepping Stones. Thank you Elijah for reminding us all how cool it is to be kind.